Ending patriarchal values

My friend refuses to meet our school time class teacher. Back then we all (friends ) were playing. A boy hit her and she was chasing him to hit him back but couldn’t. He was fast at running. So she kept laughing trying to catch him. Suddenly the class teacher (a lady) entered and slapped my friend. She tried explaining that he was the one who had hit her. But she got scolded for having let the boy hit her.

My cousin sister who is just 10 yrs old was proposed by her classmate. She said this to her mom who inturn blamed her. The mother said her that she must have done something for the boy to have proposed her.

Many such “trainings” are a must in society so that they keep “Girls in control”. Boys are taught that no matter what they do it us the girls fault. Now they just hit or propose later they might rape too. Here is a link of fakeindianbahu who wishes to send a letter to the govt to add a curriculum that trains kids against these patriarchal values. Please do visit.