Long Live Revolution !!

On March 23, 1931 (83 years back) Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged. I am reading ” Bhagat Singh – Select Speeches & writings” edited by D. N. Gupta. 
I would like to share few lines from the book that I really liked.
From ‘Statement in the Sessions court’ (Link is here)-
This was in relation with the bombs that were dropped in the Assembly chamber.
“We then deliberately offered ourselves to bear the penalty for what we had done and to let the imperialist exploiters know that by crushing individuals, they cannot kill ideas. By crushing two insignificant units, a nation cannot be crushed. We wanted to emphasize the historical lesson that lettres de cachets and Bastilles could not crush the revolutionary movement in France. Gallows and the Siberian mines could not extinguish the Russian Revolution. Bloody Sunday, and Black and Tans failed to strangle the movement of Irish freedom. “
This was to explain what they meant by “revolution”-
” By “Revolution” we mean that the present order of things, which is based on manifest injustice, must change. Producers or labourers in spite of being the most necessary element of society, are robbed by their exploiters of the fruits of their labour and deprived of their elementary rights. The peasant who grows corn for all, starves with his family, the weaver who supplies the world market with textile fabrics, has not enough to cover his own and his children’s bodies, masons, smiths and carpenters who raise magnificent palaces, live like pariahs in the slums. The capitalists and exploiters, the parasites of society, squander millions on their whims. These terrible inequalities and forced disparity of chances are bound to lead to chaos. This state of affairs cannot last long, and it is obvious, that the present order of society in merry-making is on the brink of a volcano. “
“Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birth right of all. Labour is the real sustainer of society. The sovereignty of the ultimate destiny of the workers. For these ideals, and for this faith, we shall welcome any suffering to which we may be condemned. At the altar of this revolution we have brought our youth as an incense, for no sacrifice is too great for so magnificent a cause. We are content, we await the advent of Revolution “Long Live Revolution.”
It is a different feeling to connect with he thoughts of revolutionaries. Long Live Revolution.


Read this wonderful article.

I dint watch “Hasi to phasi” or “Queen”. But Highway was good in many ways.

I watched it as I heard it is nice and I loooove Randeep. I actually had not expected Alia acting so well(dint like student of the year) or having such a nice role.

It was a treat to see her do what she wants to do. My dream is to visit most of the beautiful places in the world. But I have never been out of my native place. The same “girls should be kept safe at home” concept. May be for this I enjoyed every scenery in the movie.  I always have had a wild dream to go to the Bermuda triangle when I feel I have lived enough. They say who ever goes there never returns. I wish to solve the mystery before I die 🙂 Really crazy. Any girl with such wild dreams would love the movie.

highway- Alia Any girl who wishes to “be free” would love the movie. The child abuse and physical abuse part has been shown in a heart touching way. As usual Randeep was awesome.

2 things were a shock, which dint go as I had thought they would. After all it is just a Bollywood movie.

i) When Veera (Alia) says she neither wants to marry nor to have kids. The hindi movie heroins have been always portrayed as “Adhuri”(incomplete) without a man and children. Some stupid hindi saas bahu serial recently was on TV in which the “sanskari bahu” thinks she is incomplete without a child. UFFFF. It was nice to see a girl breathe and decide that she need not marry if she doesn’t want to.

ii) When Veera (Alia) decides that she wishes to leave home and stay in the mountains where she always wished to live. I would have expected her to die (The Raam Leela types) or go crazy or finally just find someone else (the happy ending fairy tales ). She fights back! She goes to the mountains. She shouts at her uncle for having abused her in front of all. She lives the life she wants.

There was another article the same day. The only thing the Vajramuni was able to see was Randeep slapping Alia and the beautiful scenery. The movie clearly shows the difference of what we think is good and what is actually good. The society, the ‘reet rivaaj’, you are a girl- you need to be careful- you need to be quite if you are abused is all right. But there is a problem if a guy “protects her form a lecherous underling”. He shouldn’t be doing that. He is a bad boy after all. Why should there be a reason for him to be bad? Boys don’t feel anything. Really?

What if she hadn’t been kidnapped? What if she married a just-another-idiot ? She would have lived her life being suffocated. She would have been abused all her life. She would have “reared kids” even if she dint want to. She would have died just like any girl in the country who has to “behave” in a particular way and not have any dreams at all.

I wish that every girl DREAMS and doesn’t just settle for marriage and kids unless she really wants to. I wish she breathes and tries every way to fullfil her dreams.