I am fat? So What?!!

“Women are out to fit clothes,instead of vise-versa”

– Feminine Mystique(Chapter 1), Betty Friedan



I have never cared much about what people say. But here is something that I have to deal with every single day from an year. I am fat! The lectures go on “You must run an hour daily!”, “Gym is extremely necessary for you.” blah blah..

First of all, I donot consider myself “fat”. It is because I look fat when compared to those size zero girls around me.  I would never wish to look like that! It looks as if a stick is walking around. I am of neither very fat nor very thin. But I get to listen to lectures about how to reduce everyday. It actually concerns people when I say I am not bothered about it. The comments I get usually go like this.
1. You are fat. That’s fine. But I am only concerned about you health dude.
This is the most common thing people say. And the one word comes to my head-Bull shit! I was unhealthy, actually sick an year back. That is what kept me thin for a long time. If I skipped a meal I would faint. But no one was bothered about my health that time. Now, when I am a lot stronger(Thanks to all the physical activities that I have increased) people assume I’m sick. Why? Because I’ fat and fat people must look really ugly to them and they decide that we must be unhealthy too.
My other friend who is slim and ‘fat-less’ as boys call her has some serious disease. But do people talk to her about so-called health that they fuss about? Naaah.. They decide she is perfectly alright as she is fat-less. This thing reminds me of an article where a girl with jaundice (or a similar disease) was pissed off when the doc said to her “You should be happy that now you are thin!!” Outrageous!!!
2. When I say I’m going to gym- “I don’t think so!” or “It is necessary for you.” or just a laugh.
My male friend started gym. He looks fatter now. But people are praising him as he has got muscles. I started gym. My weight remains the same but my hands look fatter due to the weight lifting I do. I am fat-shamed.  This irritated me a lot. This same guy who looks fat now laughs at me if I say go to gym. I said him he can think what ever he wishes and I don’t care!  I actually don’t care as he has that attitude where a girl cannot handle gym or work.
And there are these people(almost all my male friends) who stress on ‘it is necessary for you’. It is pretty obvious that they are not bothered about my health. They are bothered about how I look and if my looks please them. When a guy said me this I asked him why there is a stress on you, he said “Girls are the only attractive thing in this world.” I am not here to please every boy I meet. I refuse to be an “attractive thing”.

Another friend who stays in a different state pisses me off when ever we speak on phone. He advices me to run,go to gym etc to look “my sexy self” as before. I just ignore his comments as he is immature. He doesn’t even realise that I can answer back someday that he needs to apply fair and lovely,coz he s really really dark! But the reply I would get is, I am a boy. Doesn’t matter how I look. For girls it is necessary to look good. Else who will marry you?

3. This one was from a very close female friend when I said her I will be going to join the karate tournament- You must get a boyfriend before joining all such things. You will start looking like a boy very soon.

(Very similar to – if you grow fat, no one will marry you.)

Let me talk about this girl. She has an abusive boyfriend. He hits her. And she is unable to fight back and most of the times she faints. Well, if my boyfriend or husbands hits me, I’m sure he will regret it. But she doesn’t mind all of this drama. Because getting married and rearing babies is considered to be the only dream a girl must have. And luring a guy to marriage needs, according to many, a physically attractive girl. I would happily remain single than marry a guy who will leave me the moment I grow fat!

I know that it is my nature not to care when people talk shit. But what about others who do? When everyday you have at least one comment on your being “unhealthy” or “ugly”; when every add on TV says that self confidence comes only if you are good looking; when it is an accepted fact everywhere that the only way to for a girl should look pretty and beautiful until she is married; when every fairytale we read has beautiful princess and every prince falls for her beauty alone; When I go to stores to buy clothes, there are these cute tops that are only available in small size and you again get to hear the comments that you need to shrink in order to fit in them – others too may start believing it.

I love pages on facebook like Positive Body Image  and Beauty Is Inside which encourage a girl to love herself and her body no matter what. Love to my friends who are not ONLY bothered about how I look. There was an episode from Confessions of an Indian teenager aired on Channel-V. A girl feels inferior due to her weight and is upset when the guy likes doesn’t even look at her.  She starts starving hoping to reduce weight and falls ill. Her cousin sister (who too is fat) advices her not to do something as stupid as this again. She also shows a pic of her boyfriend and says that if a guy truly loves you he will not care how you look. Loved that one.

Remember- You are special because you are you! 🙂


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