Encouraging rape culture

Have seen many such posts on FB pleading girls not to upload pictures on FB. This is no different from the ‘victim blaming’ culture.
U are a girl !! You are not supposed to dress like you like , you are not supposed to have any sexuality, you are not even supposed to upload any pictures. !! Its your fault! You are born as a girl so you better go invisible or someone might rape you or misuse your uploaded pic. And also as you are a girl you are not even supposed to have any self esteem. You should be blamed for everything with no one to support you. So you better commit suicide and disappear.

Good for you! ! Its your fault that you wish to LIVE YOUR LIFE. That you wish to wear clothes you like and you wish to upload your pics.

The hilarious thing about the post is that it thinks the monster who would morph the pic (whom patriarchy supports) can only access your pic through Facebook. If someone is holding grudge against you, the person would somehow get your photo and not wait for Facebook to have it uploaded. Also if assume a guy is doing this for random thinking its fun, then not the girl but this monster is to blame. He would have the same perception that even after so many warnings, if the girls post their pictures then they deserve such a punishment. No need to rape them, just morph and circulate the pics. No one would blame you. Its the girl’s fault! How dare she uploads her pics?

Never seen a post that says “Dear brothers please dont rape” or “Dear brothers please DONOT misuse the Pictures uploaded on Facebook. ”
The girls are blamed and blamed so much that finally they start blaming themselves. If you are raped, you must suicide!  Dowry harassment? ? Suicide! ! Morphed pics circulated?? Please commit suicide! ! This is how these posts look like to me encouraging girls to blame themselves! !

I hope this post encourages at least one boy to post ” Dear sister live your life your way! I will support you always.  ” And even better if anyone would come up with the law that will support and help girls if they go through anything such. Which will inturn help to boost the self esteem and girls would just not die and vanish for someone else’s mistake.

And again let me remind. . “Dear brothers please don’t encourage rape culture!!!”


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