To Tejaswee

I dint know how to start this blog, what my first post would be. Then I came across Tejaswee’s blog through IHM. IHM is an inspiration like many know. This poem is dedicated to IHM and her daughter. I might never know you but will always love u.


She must have seen the sun shine when it was still raining,
And to see the colorful rainbow waited for the evening.

She must have looked at butterflies and praised nature ‘s beauty,
She must have savoured each n every byte of cake dizzy dee.

Her imagination must have taken her on a wild ride.
To hoolasamadu, a place unknown n miss trunchbull on her side.

I m sure she was like a fairy and spread smiles with her magic wand.
She must have enjoyed playing in the snowfall of switzerland.

She must have sat watching cricket and ate chocolates with each over.
And when cricket season came to end she would be in ‘worldcup hangover’.

I think of it all staring outside window.
I wonder if we would have been friends, I ll never know.

It always feels like rain falls from heaven ;it must have fallen on her too.
With each droplet falling on her eyelashes making it look like dew.


A tear falls from my eye and is washed down by rain.
Can u really love smeone you never knew,could you really feel the pain?

She must be smiling some where in the heavens,like a bird free.
She ‘ll rule our hearts forever, pretty princess tejaswee.



3 thoughts on “To Tejaswee

  1. sippyk says:

    congratulations on your blog… ur poem is very touching! hugs IHM!

  2. good write. We share the same theme. That caught my eye right off. 🙂

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